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ASAP was started in 1990 by Darrell Meade, who had been in the screen printing industry since 1978, and originated as a small "One Man Shop". As the business grew he found he needed more space, so in 1991 Darrell moved ASAP to a facility located in Laurel, Delaware. In 1995, Tom Sylvester partnered with Darrell. Tom's experience included many years of upper management for a large textile company in Maryland.

Through their combined experience, they were able to not only grow ASAP, but to insure that the growth experienced by the company was healthy. By 1997, Darrell and Tom made the decision to move our production facility to Millersville, MD. Their hope was that by moving to a more densely populated area, ASAP would naturally grow allowing them to serve a larger customer base.

With Darrell continuing to live in Sussex County, Delaware, we were able to still take care of our existing Delaware clients while also building relationships with new ones. The move proved to be successful. ASAP's production more than tripled and the business continued to grow.

In 2004 we opened our second office in Seaford, Delaware. This was a business decision that proved to be advantageous. Opening a second location can be a challenge in itself, but Darrell and Tom made sure that the basic cornerstones of ASAP remained unchanged. Their commitment to exceptional quality, cutting edge artwork and a focus on friendly customer service were and still are their biggest and best assets and has allowed us to maintain our place in the market.

One of the many advantages of being in business as long as we have is the relationships we have been able to build along the way. We have been fortunate enough to retain many of our employees and clients for decades. In the many years since ASAP's inception, our committed partnership with our customers has also allowed us contribution opportunities to support our local communities.